Sex With Trans Women

Sex with shemales and trans womenSex with Trans Women – It has to be talked about, right? Having sex with a trans woman isn’t difficult or taboo at all, let’s visit this. We want the sex to be enjoyable for you and her and the more you learn about her body and let her learn about yours, the better the sex will be. An on-going friend with benefits would be a great situation for both of you If you want a one time no strings sex hookup, that’s ok too. As I said, we’re not judgemental around here. Ok, transgender sex education class is now in session!

Sex With Trans Women: Forget What You Thought You Knew

The sad reality is that most men learn everything they know about trans ladies from porn sites. They mistakenly believe that every trans woman is the same — a horny shemale willing to do anything to please a man. Remember that pornography is not reality. It is entertainment. A fantasy. It is all the sexual things you wish would happen every time. That kind of sex may happen in real life but it might not. Most of the lovely trans ladies I’ve met are very intelligent. Yes, some are highly sexual but you have to interest them to get there. So, forget what you’ve learned from porn sites. Read through the articles on my site and learn what transgender women really want.

Sex with Trans Women: Begins with Intimacy

Intimacy is a critical factor in every relationship, whether it is a one-time or a long term relationship. It develops at its own speed. Sometimes you will establish rapport and a closer level of intimacy very quickly. That does happen. Other times, she may be more guarded and it will take a little time. It’s ok either way. You’re there to enjoy the moment, and hopefully get to the sex you’ve been wanting.

Trans women really differ quite a lot in sexual drive. Some are very horny all the time. Others hardly at all, so you just need to work at it a little more. In my experience, most are eager to please a man she feels intimate with. You are what they want and you have what they want! I have been told they want to please a man more than a woman ever would. They treasure their femininity. They love the attention of a gentleman. Transgender women go to great lengths to look great. You will get wrapped up in her femininity and feel yourself being swept away. It’s as if you have no control. She is seducing you and there is no return. That’s how it is when intimacy is established.

Different Types of Trans Women and Sex

There are a number of different types of trans women on the transgender continuum. Let’s talk for a moment about different types and what you might expect. First, the term shemale generally applies to a sex worker. They may be escorts, porn models or webcam performers. They are generally very sexual and open to exploring sex with a partner. These are typically the type of trans women that most men think about first, partly because of what they learned watching porn.


Transexuals are those who are seeking to adopt the role of woman in their day-to-day lives. Many will undergo hormone therapy which has a tendency to reduce sex drive and usually renders the penis inoperable. Many transexuals will get cosmetic surgery such as facial feminization and breast enhancement. Some transexuals will go fully and have gender reassignment surgery. Post-op transexual women (or simply, women) may blend, sometimes unnoticed, into daily life.  Of course, some transexuals will remain pre-op for a period of time and others will choose to be non-op.


Crossdressers are usually heterosexual men who enjoy dressing as women for the sexual thrill. Honestly, I’ve found crossdressers to be a mixed lot. Some of them are right-wing, religious, heterosexual married men so deeply in the closet that they will recoil at the thought of a man touching them, for fear of being labeled a “faggot.” Sorry, that’s just how I see it. Other crossdressers, however, can be quite pleasant. Some are quite aroused to fulfill their fantasy of being a woman, by having sex with a man. Crossdressers are almost always clear of hormones so they do come equipped with body parts that work. A very quick friendly discussion with crossdressers is likely to reveal which type you’re dealing with.

Drag Queens

Drag Queens are usually gay guys that dress in women’s’ clothing to perform shows and attract other gay men. Most will not seek gender reassignment or hormone therapy, although some will have cosmetic surgery done. I can tell you that drag queens can be quite a good lay! They are very sexual and love to please their man. You will have luck finding drag queens in most gay bars these days. It seems almost every gay bar has the obligatory drag shows. With good reason — they pack the house with horny guys!


Transgender is a blanket term that describes a variety of trans women. The term trans women refers to male to female transgender people, whether pre or postoperative. T-Girls is another common term that simply mean trans girls.

There are other terms used in the trans community but these are the most common types you will run into. Having a basic understanding will help you determine whether you want to move forward with intimacy, and how to proceed.

Sex with Trans Women

This is the big finale you’ve been waiting for. Having an understanding of the different types of trans women will help you tailor your approach to sex. You’ll need to be a little more gentle and understanding with transexuals and most crossdressers or transgender women. Some people are DTF and willing to get it going, others are not. Everybody is different so practice your interpersonal communication skills to get there.

My experience is that most trans women want to be treated like women. Make her feel like a woman and she is likely to make you feel very special indeed. Many transexuals and other trans women will need a little extra care to not make them feel like a sex object. They are used to being objectified, so why not try a gentle, reassuring approach. You might even slow down and let her take the lead for a while. Once she relaxes, I’ve found she’s willing to do a whole lot to please her man.

On the other hand, some trans women will be quite happy to top you (where she puts her penis inside you). She may be willing to have you perform oral sex with her. She may be willing to explore all sorts of sordid, kinky pleasure with you!

Practice Safe Sex and Use Good Judgment!

Go have fun. Have all the sex you want but I urge everyone to practice safe sex. Use condoms and don’t take chances with your health. Take a step back if you use drugs or alcohol to the point it puts you in vulnerable situations or makes it more difficult for you to exercise good judgment.